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Blackstone Steakhouse - Melville

Blackstone Steakhouse
10 Pinelawn Rd
Melville, NY 11775

Overall: 6.5/10
Food: 10/10
Service: 1/10
Decor: 10/10

Value: 5/10

Courtesy of Blackstonesteakhouse.com
Courtesy of Blackstonesteakhouse.com
We came here as a party of five for one of our friend's birthday. Normally reservations are required weeks in advance but I called anyway to check. A party canceled and they told us we could come right down and a table would be ready. When we walked in they looked busy and I was expecting to wait, but when we gave our name they took us right to our table. Once we were seated we took a good look around the place--it seems hip yet classy at the same time. Wine racks go up the wall behind the bar, the stone walls and fireplace add a nice touch and the overall feel is like you walked into a five star restaurant in NYC. 

We were greeted by two waiters, both of which were going to take care of us. They also did not fail to mention their extensive wine list several times. We put in our drink order while we looked over the menu. We ordered appetizers and entrees and then we waited. And waited some more. We had to flag down one of the waiters for more water because our glasses were empty. The drinks we ordered also never came. When we finally got our appetizers over an hour later, we reminded them of the forgotten bar order. It came over 20 minutes later. We got our entrees after we had been there already for two hours. When we were done, the second waiter came over to see if we wanted dessert. A few of us ordered, others did not. The waiter repeated the dessert order. It came another 20 minutes later and it was not correct. I ordered the the banana sundae and received apple strudel. I flagged down the first waiter, he apologized and then blamed the mistake on his assistant's poor english. That excuse just doesn't make sense to me because as I said, he repeated the order back to us.

Don't get me wrong--the food tasted great. But when you're paying high end prices, you expect high end service and that just was not the case at all. The table next to us was even getting impatient with their waiter and had to speak to a manager due to similar service as ours. I've read other reviews out there about this place and it seems that it's a real hit or miss. Unfortunately at a place like this, it should never be a miss. I will not be giving Blackstone another try. Blackstone Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

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