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Croxley Ale House - Farmingdale

Croxley Ale House
190 Main Street
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Overall: 4.5/10
Food: 6/10
Service: 2/10
Decor: 5/10
Value: 5/10

Photo courtesy of Terence Nelson of farmingdale.patch.com
Photo courtesy of LongIslandReport.org

I've come to Croxley's a number of times and I wish I could give it a better review but unfortunately I cannot. I've gone here nearly every day of the week (not consecutively but over time!) and I have to say the only reason to come here is for the wing specials and the beer. This place has a great imported beer selection (from England, Germany, Belgium and Canada) as well as seasonal beers, local brews, IPAs, Amber, Dark, Pale, Fruit Ales, and their "Angry Ales" with 7+% ABV all mostly on tap. They do not carry Bud, Coors or Miller but they have enough to make up for it.

As for the wing specials, they have added restrictions and requirements in order to get the special including adding a 20% gratuity (only way the staff would actually get tipped) and a 1hr 30min time limit on your table--yet we've been there longer because service is so terrible you are guaranteed to be tapping your fingers on the table waiting for service. This isn't even based on one experience rather it occurs every single time (I've been here 20+ times and have had 10+ waitresses--they're all terrible!). The last time I was here with a group, the waitress slipped an item on the tab that we didn't order. If it weren't for my pregnant wife (the only one not drinking), we probably would have paid for it. You never know if these things are intentional, so keep an eye out!

As for the look and feel of the place, the only decent area is the bar. The rest of the place is bare open space with a lot of TV's. The bathrooms are absolutely disgusting at night and some of the tightest spaces I've ever encountered. I feel like there is more room in a porta-potty.

When it comes to the prices, the wing special really can't be beat. But for the rest of the food, it's average priced pub fare and average quality--nothing spectacular. If it weren't for their beers and wings, this place probably would not stay in business, but I will most likely be back.

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