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Popei's Clam Bar - Sayville

Popei's Clam Bar
299 Raft Avenue
Sayville, NY 11782
Overall: 5/10
Food: 5/10
Service: 4/10
Decor: 7/10
Value: 5/10

Photo courtesy of Popei's on sayville.patch.com

My wife has spoken about Popei's in the past as a place her family used to frequent for many years and we finally got around to trying out one of their locations for lunch. When we walked in she was surprised at the size of the place--being used to the Bethpage location, this one is much larger. There was no one at the desk to seat us and we stood in the entrance for about 10 minutes before my wife decided to actually walk around the place to find someone. It wasn't like they had just opened either, but I guess no one had come in yet. We were seated and looked over the lunch menu as well as their regular specials and it seemed like it would be forever before we figured out what we wanted! 

We ordered the homemade baked clams and seafood bisque for our appetizers, a burger for my wife's meal and I ordered the maryland crab sandwich. The baked clams had a lot of breading, not much else but they still tasted good. The seafood bisque was okay, nothing special but not bad. The burger was well done and even dry/burnt along the edges although it was ordered medium and my sandwich was not at all how the waitress explained it. She told me it was a breaded, fried crab and it was really a breaded crab cake patty that was fried. 

Overall, service was on the slow side and there was only one other table of two women besides us. The food was just o-k and that is me being nice. But that was just lunch. Their dinner specials make it seem like it might be worth a second try. Don't know if we will be back any time soon!

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