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Brownstone Brewing Company - Ronkonkoma

Brownstone Brewing Company
200 Portion Road
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Overall: 7.5/10
Food: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Decor: 8/10
Value: 7/10

We discovered this place while looking on the UFC website for places that would be showing the fights. Surprisingly, there was a new place that had never been on the list so we gave them a call to find they don't charge a cover! That's our kind of place!

It looks like a typical sports bar, just with a lot of brick rather than wood. There is a huge bar with high top tables along one side and then tables with 1/2 chairs and 1/2 booths along the other wall (where we sat). There is also a dining room in the back with tables and booths. There are tons of TV's so you can see the fight or game from wherever you are.

Our table ordered mozzarella sticks, kids menu chicken fingers, reuben sandwich, bacon cheeseburger and a spring salad. The mozzarella sticks seemed homemade and were great. The chicken fingers were typical and came with a crazy amount of fries for a kid, plus grapes which was a plus. They seemed to be the highlight of the night for my daughter! I really enjoyed the reuben sandwich with its crispy bread. My burger was cooked perfectly and our friend really enjoyed the salad. Only thing is the fries needed salt and there was none on our table, just pepper. They still tasted great though. Because we were there so long we decided to get an order of sweet potato fries which were the best I've ever had. The maple dip that it came with put the fries over the top.

We took a look at the drink menu which had so much to choose from. Tons of martinis that sound delicious, spiked milkshakes that I will try the next time I'm there, wines, and many tap and bottled beers. Every specialty drink on their menu is priced at $10 so until I try them I won't know if they are overpriced or not. Seems like it though. I paid $10 for a great tasting LIT but after 2 of them I can say I don't think there was alcohol in them at all. (See below for an update)

Service was very good, especially considering they just opened a few weeks ago. Our waiter was very attentive, friendly and personable. The manager also checked in on us to see how we were doing. We will most definitely be back here and spreading the word!


Fast forward to this past weekend. We figured they would be showing the fights again, although on a different channel rather than PPV. The place had just gone through a huge crowd for whatever reason and we were seated in the back dining room this time. We looked over the menu to see what new things we could try this time and we didn't even realize how much time had gone by without being greeted by our waiter! He finally came over and asked if anyone had come over to us and when we said no, he said he guesses we are supposed to be his table then. We put in our appetizer and drink orders, but not before being told that they were out of fries and that we could have sweet potato fries or onion rings instead. A little strange to be completely out of fries but oh well.

We got our appetizers of nachos and spinach dip, both very good and very large and we finally put in our dinner order. Only new entree tried was the steakhouse burger which although cooked very well, left a crunch to be desired--it was all sort of mushy. The flavors were good, but it could have been better.

The whole time, service was slow. Our waiter was extremely nice and had a good personality but we were left wondering where he was a few times. The manager again checked on our table, and we asked him to put the fights on one of the many nearby TVs. He did without question, but then at one point, when the Mets had won with their no-hitter, he changed the channel mid fight to watch the Mets hug each other and celebrate. Not sure why he had to change that one single TV when literally almost every other TV in the room had the Mets game on..and the game wasn't even on anymore--it was over! We were able to get him to put it back on. Maybe he thought the people who asked to watch it left, even though we asked him directly. Speaking of leaving, a nearby table did just that. A couple ordered sodas and then after sitting for at least 20 min, they just got up and left.

In regards to those possibly overpriced drinks, I have to say they are just that. Overpriced with practically no alcohol whatsoever. DO NOT ORDER MIXED DRINKS HERE!!! Stick to the beer!! You will waste $10 on each mixed drink to not even taste or feel any effects of alcohol, even a few drinks in. A rum and coke was so small and mostly ice! Even had a shot of tequila that was sneakily placed in a tall shot glass with a raised bottom make it appear larger. I tried the "After 8" milkshake that was supposed to be peppermint schnapps, chocolate syrup I believe as well as Oreo cookies and cream ice cream. Sure enough I was told they didn't have that ice cream, only chocolate or vanilla so I ordered the chocolate. So three drinks later and guess what? NOTHING. Didn't feel a thing. That being said, come for the food! Its plentiful and tastes great. But if I were you I'd wait at least a few weeks or so for them to work out the kinks and figure out their inventory and service issues.

I hope Brownstone is really able to step it up because if they start having consistent nights like this past weekend, they will run into trouble!

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