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Pop's Seafood Shack & Grill - Island Park

Pop's Seafood Shack & Grill
15 Railroad Place
Island Park, NY 11558
(516) 432-7677

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Photo courtesy of http://popsseafoodshack.com/

Pop's Seafood Shack & Grill is tucked away in an industrial area of Island Park and is located on a street that is easily missed (which will send you straight to Long Beach). There is very little parking on the street but they do offer valet parking. On weekend nights, be prepared for a long wait, both for valet and to get in. We went here Saturday evening at 7pm so the huge crowd had not set in just yet.

Our group was promptly seated and we took in the scenery of the place while looking over the menu and waiting for the rest of our party to arrive. They have a marina where people can dock their boats and have service come to them, they made their own beach with cabanas, a fire pit, adirondack style chairs, outdoor bathrooms that look like shops and palm trees just about everywhere. It truly transports you to a different place.

Our waitress was very patient with us as we waited for other people to arrive. She was always friendly and upbeat and whenever we ordered drinks, she was very quick to return with them. Our food came out in good timing, but our table was a bit small to accommodate it all. We ended up stacking plates and any messes we had were quickly taken away by the many bus boys. A bunch of us ordered appetizers to split for the night and one person ordered the seafood canoe (for two)-mixed seafood served in a pineapple. Those who ate it thought it was just o-k, especially for a place with "seafood" in the title. The appetizers we got were lobster bisque, coconut pistachio crusted shrimp, guacamole and chips, cornmeal crusted calamari, buffalo wings and teriyaki wings. My husband liked the wings, the shrimp and the lobster bisque, however I was only pleased with the bisque. It came with a ton of bread and was plentiful, thick and filling. I truly could have passed on the rest. The shrimp, although jumbo with good taste, seemed overcooked and tough. The calamari was also very chewy and not crispy on the outside with the exception of the tentacle pieces. The guacamole was nothing special and lacked flavor and the wings, again, tasted great, but to me they were fatty and soggy. Call me picky, but I was just not happy with the food.

Drinks on the other hand were a whole different story. Everything we ordered was $10 a drink, which was well worth it for all except one drink which was a new vodka/orange/tangerine/pina colada frozen drink, served for the first time Saturday night that tasted like an orange slushy with no alcohol. Long Island Ice Teas were strong as they should be and Pop's Punch, a rum punch, was pack full of flavor and alcohol! The first thing you taste is Malibu coconut rum and you just want one after another!

The time we were there just flew by. By 9-10pm, the place was filling up. The once scarce beach and cabanas became filled with people. A DJ began playing inside and it practically turned into an outdoor club, everyone with drink in hand. After being there for 5 hours (12 midnight at this point) we began to leave when we saw the huge line at the door and cars lined up waiting for valet. This place just did not stop going the whole night and there is no wonder why! It is a great place for the bar/nightlife scene, especially for those who want to feel like they are getting away for a bit.

Only qualms would really be that the food seemed a bit pricy for the quality and that they definitely have an issue when it comes to the restrooms. There are 3 restrooms each for both men and women. All the women's rooms have multiple stalls, one of them having at least 6. Every single men's room is single occupancy. I have never seen such long lines for a men's room before! When we were there, they ended up closing the most convenient women's room and opening it to the men, which meant I had to walk all the way to another area for the women's room. Being 9 months pregnant with sciatica problems and walking through the sand was neither a fun nor easy feat! Also, wear some sort of bug spray because you will need it! As soon as the sun went down, I immediately got four mosquito bites despite the citronella candle 2 feet away.

I most definitely recommend this place for a place to hang out, get away, stick your toes in the sand and  enjoy some well made drinks. Maybe you will have a better experience with the food than I did!

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