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Ladakins - Moriches

Ladakins Restaurant & Catering
714 Montauk Highway
Moriches, NY 11955
(631) 878-1919
Overall: 5.5/10
Food: 6/10
Service: 5/10
Decor: 6/10
Value: 5/10
Photo courtesy of Restaurant.com
Photo courtesy of Restsurant.com

We came here with my in-laws for a quick lunch and to try the place that we have passed a thousand times before yet never tried. Reading reviews prior to going, I was not thrilled but then again, how many customers do they have that like the place compared to the 5 reviews online that are all negative? Who really knows, but what we do know is that we won't be returning to Ladakins.

We went for lunch on a Saturday and we were one of 2 tables. We were greeted by who seemed to be the owner who was dressed in a T-shirt. We were given brunch menus and once we saw mostly breakfast foods with the addition of burgers, we inquired if that was the only menu. The owner let us know that they only serve brunch at that time on Saturdays and Sundays. Mike asked if they were also serving sushi and he was given a sushi menu and was shown one side of the regular menu that had additional sushi items to choose from. Mike decided on sushi while my in-laws and I decided on burgers. 2 medium, 1 well done. I happened to notice while waiting for our food that the adjacent table of older folk were given regular menus and were ordering non brunch items like calamari and shrimp cocktail. We didn't get that luxury. We just got to choose between brunch and sushi!
Anyway, when we got our food, it was okay. The burger wasn't anything special and mine was overcooked. The side of fries was so tiny I felt like you could take all three of our portions, put it on one plate and it would be equivalent to what other restaurants serve. It was not worth the $12. The sushi, albeit good, seemed a bit overpriced as well. My mother in law also ordered a margarita on the rocks which was described as "excellent" by the owner. When it came to the table, she had to ask for a glass of ice because the little ice in the glass was almost melted and her drink wasn't cold! So much for "on the rocks!"

We took a peek at the outdoor area, which was nicely set on the pond but it could definitely use some type of outdoor fan set-up. Inside, we were quick to notice that the ceiling looks as if it is starting to cave a bit or like the place has foundation issues with a cracked mirror and wall. It could definitely use some sprucing up. Everything looked dated. Overall, food was just average. Service wasn't terrible, but we were seated next to a table that was clearly getting special treatment even though it was made blatantly obvious that we weren't thrilled with the limited options on the brunch menu. The prices weren't completely ridiculous but for the quality of food, I say its not worth it. Plus, any place with roadside signs offering a deal on hotdogs and hamburgers from their walk-up window probably isn't doing so well in my opinion and after our experience, its no wonder why!

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