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Texas Roadhouse - East Meadow

Texas Roadhouse
2571 Hempstead Turnpike
East Meadow, NY 11554
(516) 520-7427
Overall: 8.5/10
Food: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Decor: 8/10
Value: 10/10

Photo credit: Nicole Murphy of Patch.com
Texas Roadhouse is a chain restaurant offering "Texas-sized" portions at unbeatable prices. It is also probably not a place for everyone. Any given evening, you can find yourself walking into a packed restaurant and waiting anywhere from 30min to an hour. (Thank god they have call ahead seating! See below!) You will immediately notice a peanut shell-covered floor because they have peanuts in barrels throughout the restaurant and you're expected to just throw the leftovers on the floor rather than throw them out. Country music is blaring and the whole place is decked out in southern accents and a gigantic moose head above the entrance door. Waitstaff dance in the aisle during certain songs and those celebrating birthdays are expected to ride a saddle! If you don't mind all that, you're headed in the right direction!

As you are seated, hot buttered rolls are brought to your table with their cinnamon sugar butter. People come to this place for the rolls alone because they are that good! Appetizers are enough to share, like the fried pickles at $3.99 and onion blossom at $4.99. You can find large steaks at low prices and even have the option of choosing your own steak up at the front. Most would agree that it may not be the best steak you've ever had (its not like going to an upscale steakhouse) but chances are, they will serve you the best steak you've had at that price point! Their combo entrees are also great as well if you're in the mood for more than one thing. I love getting the Pulled Pork and BBQ Chicken combo! I would also recommend the Country Fried Chicken if you like classic fried chicken breast with white gravy. All of their entrees come with two sides which most are just average, except for the potatoes. The loaded baked potatoes are the best around and are absolutely huge! You can even get a loaded sweet potato with marshmallows if that's your thing. You can also get a few of their regular menu items for super cheap ($7.99) if you go Monday-Thursday before 6pm to catch their "early-dine" special.

Service here is always okay to good. It really depends on how busy it is and who you get. Sometimes it will be spot on and other times you may be waiting a bit long for something you asked for or wondering where the waiter is. We've never had a single complaint though. Only one time did we find something a bit off--we were waiting for a side to come out and instead of bringing it around to the table, someone just put it on the ledge next to us (we were seated along the aisle) and no one said anything. When the waiter came back over later we had to ask if that was the side we were waiting on. Out of all the times we've been here, nothing like that has happened again.

One thing of note is that the drinks as well as drink specials are pretty awesome. Margaritas taste great and it is actually cheaper to order one large one than two smalls, just FYI! They do charge extra for frozen and for strawberry but the prices still beat out every other restaurant. Supposedly they have $2 margaritas during happy hour but we've never been there early enough for that.

This place is totally family-friendly which is another reason we love it. Their children's menu has things for the younger ones as well as older kids and is really cheap! They have high chairs as well as booster seats so no matter what size our party is, we are always able to find a good seating arrangement. I definitely have to suggest calling way ahead of time if you're going with a party of more than 8, because one time we had a party of 10, did not call ahead, and were seated at two separate booths. Granted they were next to each other (opposite sides of aisle, not back to to back) but so much for conversation! It was like we had to separate parties. Another thing of note--Mondays are kids nights so they have someone blowing up balloon animals and getting the restaurant riled up and cheering. If you don't have kids, or don't have ones that would like that, don't go on Mondays. You probably won't enjoy yourself!

I think overall, Texas Roadhouse is a place to get cheap, huge portions of good food, hang out with friends or bring the kids, split a few appetizers, order some drinks and just enjoy the little bit of crazy this place has to offer!

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