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The Melting Pot - Farmingdale

The Melting Pot
2377 Broadhollow Road
Route 110
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Overall: 6.75/10
Food: 6/10
Service: 7/10
Decor: 8/10
Value: 6/10
Photo Credit: Rebecka Schumann
I know, another chain restaurant. But there's only one Melting Pot on Long Island so I figured it is worth reviewing.  We have some mixed feelings about this place. Some people absolutely love it and others feel you pay a premium price to basically cook your own food. We are leaning towards the latter. 

You typically always have to make a reservation to eat here, so that's what we did. Apparently 7pm is still early for this place because when we were seated, it was nearly empty. Even though we were the only ones sitting at a table in our section of the dining room, it took at least 10 minutes if not more to be greeted by our waiter. We actually thought about leaving because we knew we would be spending a lot and were already unhappy! However, the waiters personality and kindness quickly made up for the delay. He gave us a quick rundown of the menu and our options because it was our first time there.

We opted for the 4-course classic. It consisted of our choice of cheese fondue, choice of salad, an entree of sesame crusted tuna, shrimp, sirloin, herb crusted chicken breast and teriyaki marinated sirloin. It was then followed by our choice of chocolate fondue dessert. For the entree, we chose the court bouillon, or vegetable broth for cooking. To be safe, we got the cheddar cheese fondue, which was delicious. We only wish there was more bread because we weren't over the moon about dipping vegetables and granny smith apples into cheese. The caesar salad was also delicious with their added touch of parmesan-encrusted pine nuts. It added a crunch and sweetness unlike any other caesar salad I've ever had. Now for the entree. Unless you know what you're doing from the beginning, there might be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to cooking the meats right. Leave it in too long, you'll end up with overcooked food. Don't leave it long enough and you'll have raw meat and have to put it back in. It takes a little getting used to. Mike likes tuna, but he did not enjoy the tuna that came with the entree at all. Maybe it's because he doesn't usually have it boiled! The steaks and chicken were very good though, as long as they weren't overdone!

Unless you are sitting there timing when you put food in, you are checking to make sure you get the right doneness several times. Have a friendly conversation with your guests and you'll have no idea how long things have been in there. As for the appetizer and dessert (we chose pure dark chocolate, which was delicious by the way!), it's a no brainer. You put it in, you take it out, you eat it.

You have to really enjoy fondue to come back over and over again. The only reason we would come back here is for dessert. Mayyyybe an appetizer because seriously, who doesn't love melted cheese.

I have to say, the staff was very nice when they learned it was our anniversary. They gave us a few marshmallows and an extra strawberry on a plate that read "Happy Anniversary."

We did leave full, but overall it wasn't THAT enjoyable. I think I might just make my own version at home with a double boiler for a fraction of the cost next time we want cheese dipped bread or chocolate covered fruit! What it boils down to (pun intended) is it's a place worth trying at least once because it's an experience of its own.

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