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JC's Restaurant at Mike's Place Too - Mastic

JC's Restaurant at Mike's Place Too
1086 Mastic Road
Mastic, NY 11950
Photo courtesy of mikesplacetoo.com
Photo courtesy of mikesplacetoo.com
Photo courtesy of mikesplacetoo.com
RatingOverall: 6/10
Food: 7/10
Service: 5/10
Decor: 6/10
Value: 7/10

We decided to give this place a try for lunch on a Monday after passing it many times and noticing their fairly recent renovation. When we walked in we noticed the bar area to the left and the host station straight ahead. The bar area looked pretty nice and updated. A few servers passed us without saying anything and we could tell they were busy and overwhelmed. The dining room was packed and it turns out they had one waiter for the entire room, which included a 12+ people party. Our party was 3 adults and 2 kids but for some reason they wanted to sit us at a table for 4, squished between two other full tables. The waiter said he was going to get us a high chair and he left. We realized the table wasn't going to cut it so we asked if we could sit at the only other available table which was larger. It had to be cleaned but we sat there anyway. About five minutes later it was cleaned and we still didn't have a high chair. The waiter realized he never gave us menus so he came back over with them.

We ordered drinks and when he finally came back instead of 2 waters and 2 cokes he came over with 3 waters and 1 coke. No big deal, my mother was fine with water. We quickly figured out what we wanted and ordered buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, a cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger and gorgonzola bacon burger. We stuck with burgers because we saw them coming out to other tables and looked great. They were supposed to come with lettuce, onion and cole slaw. For some strange reason tomato would be extra. Either way, we all ordered the burgers medium. Still no high chair by the way, so I went and got one myself.

Our appetizers came out and we immediately dove into the wings. The sauce is an original recipe which based on the looks of it seemed to be italian dressing with hot sauce. The wings had some little char marks on them and seemed like they were grilled. Also a nice surprise. The blue cheese dressing seems homemade considering the huge chunks of cheese in it.. my favorite! We pretty much licked our fingers at the end because the wings were that tasty. Not too hot either. The mozzarella sticks also seemed homemade which is always nice. The burgers came out and although they are 1/2 pound burgers, they appeared a little small in comparison to the large bun, but trust me. They're not small! The bun was nice and toasted with grill marks on the outside of the bun. I don't know about the others, but my burger was a little overcooked. It was well done rather than medium but it was a good well-done as in it was still juicy. It didn't matter much to us because we were pretty stuffed, but they forgot the coleslaw.

Overall, the service could have been much better. I can't fault the waiter entirely because he was left all alone which just means either poor scheduling or they were unexpectedly busy for a Monday lunch. He seemed a little flustered but he could have made things a little easier for himself by doing a little multitasking. He would take drink orders at one table and then disappear for 5 minutes. Then come out with drinks take their food order and disappear again for 10 minutes. I can understand not wanting to overwhelm the kitchen but he could have taken orders at multiple tables and then put in all the orders so that people didn't feel ignored for long periods of time. He knew it wasn't great service so he apologized and admitted to being in over his head with the lunch rush. At least we weren't in a rush and the food was good.

I recommend going when it's expected to have more staff.. like a weekend lunch or dinner.

I would suggest to them to have someone on-call during week-day lunch just in case something like that happens ever so often. I would also like to note that they didn't have a changing table. I'm starting to sound redundant lately but I can find one on amazon for $165 with free shipping. Is customer convenience too much to ask for?

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