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PeraBell Food Bar - Patchogue

PeraBell Food Bar
69 East Main Street
Patchogue, NY 11772

Overall: 5.5/10
Food: 5/10
Service: 7/10
Decor: 6/10
Value: 4/10

After an unfortunate incident at another restaurant, we left and headed to PeraBell Food Bar since it is the highest rated on Yelp for the Patchogue area. When you first walk in, you're in the bar area with plenty of bar seating and high tops. We were immediately greeted warmly and seated in the adjacent dining room and set up with a high chair.

Someone immediately came over and filled our water glasses, but then we sat about 10 minutes with various servers walking by, no one stopping to take our order. The next time someone refilled our glasses, I asked if she knew who our server was and she said she would find her. In regards to the people filling water, one guy looked absolutely miserable!

A few minutes later the waitress came over and apologized saying she didn't know we were her table. We stuck with our waters and ordered Chicken Fingers for the kids, Chipotle Braised Pork Shank and a Grilled Flatiron Sandwich, with the kids' food coming out first.

The Chicken Fingers came out hot and fresh, along with skinny, crispy, perfectly fried french fries. I didn't mind that the chicken fingers needed salt since my kids were eating, but if they were for me, I'd be disappointed. There are salt and pepper shakers on the table and I absolutely needed to use them, even on those gorgeously fried french fries.

Soon our meals came out and we were impressed with the size and presentation of the pork shank. My husband thought the hash with corn peas and home fries (of the frozen kind) did not quite fit with the dish but you might not agree. The crispy onions on top were a nice touch and he loved the flavor. I would have to agree.

My flat iron steak sandwich, asked for medium and cooked more like medium rare, was nothing special but came with more fries, a large pickle and cole slaw. I had trouble biting into it because there was a lot of connective and fatty tissue so I took it off my sandwich to try to cut the nasty parts out. Even the knife couldn't cut through the connective tissue so I'm not sure how my teeth were supposed to! Once it was edible, I put it back on the sandwich. I didn't really taste the dijon horseradish sauce but the onions and sharp cheddar helped. Even with that, the sandwich was still sort of bland. I put some of the basil butter on a piece and it tasted great!

Aside from the pork shank, the food was rather bland and could've used improvements.

The whole experience for us really was just so-so, nothing above average. There were two other families there with babies and one of them would not stop crying--something we've learned to tune out so it didn't bother us. But, it greatly bothered a man sitting at the table next to them (baby was screaming in his ear) because he said some not-so-choice words and there was about to be a fist fight in the middle of the restaurant. The mother left crying with the baby, the husband asked to speak to the man outside, and I didn't see a single person from the restaurant staff come over to see if everything was alright or to move someone, nothing.

Granted, if your baby is crying hysterically non-stop, you should remove the child and try to calm them down outside of the restaurant or away from people rather than ignore it. Your baby is trying to tell you something and is crying because you're ignoring it! At the same time, the hostess had plenty of other tables to choose to sit the irritated party but chose to sit them right next to a crying baby.

The decor was fine with paintings on the walls, nothing special although I did enjoy the paintings of the chef and owner. They were personal and inviting. There were also large chalkboards with the specials and desserts on the bottom. Right after we placed our order, we were watching the news on a projector screen when our waitress said that she needed to turn it off since it was after 3pm. It was actually after 4 so she was an hour late.. was she sleeping when we came in or something? After the first few minutes of meeting her though she was fantastic throughout our meal. Very personable and great with our kids!

With the minimal decor and the name I would think they want to have it all about the food, but the food wasn't exceptional. Overall, it wasn't a place we'd return to.

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