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Calda Pizzeria & Restaurant - Levittown

Calda Pizzeria & Restaurant
2890 Hempstead Turnpike
Levittown, NY 11756

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Credit: Sara G on Yelp

We recently moved and needed to find a new go-to pizzeria. Thankfully the most conveniently located one has fit the bill! We have ordered pizza from them already on many occasions so this review is for that, since we haven't had a chance to try their full menu yet.

Every time we've ever gone in to order, the guys behind the counter have been extremely nice and helpful when it comes to picking out a slice of pizza. They have so many to choose from so at times its a little difficult to figure out what you want--they all look so delicious!

From the regular pizza to their specialty pies, all of it is excellent. A nice crunch, never too much sauce or too much cheese and a great balance of flavors. We've tried the White Pizza, BBQ Chicken Cutlet, Chicken Club, Pan Chicken Vodka and their garlic knots.

The White Pizza is exactly what you'd expect from a good white slice, although I add a ton of garlic to the top of mine but that's just me. The Chicken Club is a nice balance of flavor with the salty cheese, tangy tomato, smoky bacon and savory ranch drizzle. The Chicken Vodka slice is a pan pizza and with the amount of chicken, easily split between two people. As for the BBQ Chicken, we love it so much we order a half plain/half BBQ Chicken pizza about every other week, it's one of the better ones around. The first time we ordered it, we were impressed at how good a job they did at making sure there was a clean break between toppings.

The only drawback of Calda that we've found is that we find the Garlic Knots to be inconsistent. We order from them a lot, and on several occasions we've had dry, overcooked, borderline burnt, lacking garlic, garlic knots. Other times, they are amazing, with chewy, stretchy dough, nice and golden on the bottoms and smothered in garlic and oil deliciousness! Other than that, everything has been perfect.

Our dining experiences while sitting in have been great with clean booths, our food being brought to us and one one occasion while it was just me and the kids, I was told to leave the trash on the table and they would clean it for me. That's a huge help when you are down a set of hands and have two young children in toe. One pet peeve of mine however, is the plastic utensils. They don't seem cheap, but I've had the fork tips start to melt in hot pizza and butter knives that barely cut into the super crispy bottom to the point both fork and knife break, I felt like I was causing more waste by getting another set. I think cheap silverware would be a better option, but again, just my opinion.

When we've ordered delivery, they have always been punctual and at other times, earlier than they've said. When we first bought our house and were doing renovations, all of our things were in storage including cups and plates. On one occasion, we asked for cups and two 2-liter sodas, and when our food came, one of the sodas was the wrong one and we didn't get cups. Our mistake for not realizing sooner, but I called up right after the delivery guy left and within a few minutes, he was back to exchange the soda and bring cups. It was nice for them to correct it, even though it wasn't a huge deal.

On another occasion, I decided to pick up my order after ordering delivery since I was driving by and since I already paid by card over the phone, they gave me a dollar back for the delivery charge. Had they not said anything, I was just going to leave it as is, but they did the right thing without my asking.

The pizza alone is a great reason to try out Calda but their excellent customer service skills is what keeps us coming back time and time again. We can't wait to try their full menu and experience the table service--I'm sure it won't disappoint!


We've ordered pizza from Calda enough times for us to finally say hey, lets eat there! We went for lunch last week and sat in their dining room. They had a lunch special going on, soup or salad with the entrĂ©e starting at $10, up to $13 for more complex or meatier dishes. We munched on the rolls and garlic knots while we looked over the options. We chose the Rigatoni alla Vodka with a caesar salad, Eggplant Parmesan with a tossed salad and a relative chose the Baked Ziti with Chicken Noodle Soup. The soup and salads came out minutes later, and were pretty large for starters. The soup was a whole bowl, not a little cup like you'd expect. The salads were a decent size, not too large or too small.

We all enjoyed our meals for the most part. The rigatoni was absolutely delicious and there was a lot of sauce left over. The eggplant parm tasted good but there were a few soggy, seedy spots. I took home what was left and reheated it the next day by laying it flat on a sheet pan--crisped it right up! The eggplant parm was served over some penne pasta so that made the meal pretty filling. For lunch, there was more than enough food for all of us.

Service was good from start to finish. We were given the choice of where we wanted to sit, and our waiter was very nice throughout the meal getting us refills, more bread and garlic knots, silverware, etc. We will likely be back in the future!

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