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Hunan Dynasty - Levittown

Hunan Dynasty
2993 Hempstead Turnpike
Levittown, NY 11756
Hunan Dynasty on chinesemenu.com

Photo Credit: Ian J. Stark

Photo Courtesy of Hunan Dynasty

Photo Credit: Allison P. on Yelp

Overall: 7.5/10
Food: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Decor: 7/10
Value: 7/10

Hunan Dynasty has been on our short list for awhile. We've been going for years on and off, plus ordering takeout or delivery every now and then so were due for an actual visit. It's one of the busiest places in the area and known for great Chinese food and service. We went for lunch since they have great lunch specials and its not nearly as busy as during the evening.

As for the decor, it's simple in the dining room, with nothing really on the walls and a few plants here and there. The waiting area when you first walk in is the room that stands out. The front windows have large red curtains, a beautiful chandelier hangs from the ceiling, there is large Chinese wooden furniture for seating and there's a koi fish tank right as you walk in. The sushi bar is in this area as well. When we first arrived, we were asked if we wanted to sit right in the first booth or towards the back. We sat in the back so the kids wouldn't bother anyone if they were loud. Almost immediately after, a waiter came over to take our order but we were not ready yet since we just sat down. He walked away and a few seconds later another waiter came over and asked if we wanted drinks and if we were ready to order. We weren't, but we asked for hot mustard for the table to go with the crispy noodles and duck sauce that were already there. One of the waiters brought it right over, they're very quick there! By the way, the menus have a restaurant name on them called Wen Mei which is strange--I don't ever remember Hunan Dynasty ever closing, changing names or ownership so I don't have a clue why the different name on the menu.

When we were ready to order, we were waiting and waiting which I thought was funny. With just a glance over, the waiter came running over to take our order which was simple. Two lunch specials, beef and broccoli and sesame chicken. Each comes with choice of soup, soda or egg roll, and a side of vegetable fried rice. We got one wonton soup and one hot and sour soup. The soup came out quickly. The wonton soup was okay, to be honest the wontons were on the mushy side, but still tasty. The hot and sour soup was delicious and had a lot of mushrooms. Between the fried noodles and the soup, we were almost already full.

Our entrees came out and everything was nice and hot, tasted great and had large portions for a lunch menu. It was everything you'd want from beef and broccoli and sesame chicken. Sauce not too runny or chunky, beef wasn't chewy, chicken was crispy. There was enough to take home for another meal, and all for under $20.

The entire time, the waitstaff was very good, quickly returning to the table with anything we asked for like napkins, an extra fork, more water, etc. They interacted with the kids like we were friends; whenever one would say thank you in a little voice, the waiter would turn around and give a high five which the kids loved.

When we got the check, orange slices and pineapple chunks were brought to the table with more than enough fortune cookies. I don't know if it's just because we ordered lunch, but they used to bring fruit and ice cream. Perhaps it's only during dinner.

Overall, we had a great lunch at a great price. It remains a family favorite!

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