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KK Asian Fusion Sushi & Lounge - Levittown

KK Asian Fusion Sushi & Lounge
636 D. Wantagh Avenue
Levittown, NY 11756
(516) 520-8811
Courtesy of KK Asian Fusion on Facebook
Overall: 6.5/10
Food: 7/10
Service: 4/10
Decor: 8/10
Value: 7/10

We came to KK Asian Fusion after a failed attempt at another local Asian restaurant that had an hour long wait with people shoulder to shoulder. After our last experience here at KK, we figured it was worth a shot as a close second best. When we arrived on this Saturday evening, the place was rather quiet. There were only maybe two other tables other than us, and after we sat, another small party arrived.

We were seated immediately, but it took quite a bit before someone approached our table after that. There appeared to be only one waitress, and at times someone, perhaps the bartender, would come out from behind the bar, to do what exactly, I'm not sure. The wait gave us time to figure out what we wanted, so when we were first approached, we just went ahead and ordered.

For drinks we just got water and our relative asked for green tea. For entrees, we ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken, Miso Soup, a California Roll and the Hibachi Chicken Dinner which came with Clear Soup, Green Salad (ginger dressing), Shrimp, Fried rice and Noodles. We didn't order anything for the kids and figured they could pick because history has shown when we order for them, they don't eat, plus the hibachi dinner seemed like it would come with a lot of food.

The waitress came back with our waters and soups. It took what seemed like a long time to bring over the tea, we almost thought she forgot. To our surprise, a chef brought over the Crab Tempura Cheese appetizer, which really is delicious, and said it was complimentary. I don't know if they do that all the time, or just when they're making up for something (see our last review down below).

When it came time for the entrees, the Hibachi Chicken came out first, and then the waitress disappeared. It was half the size of the portion you'd get going to a Hibachi restaurant, yet nearly the same price. Even though it tasted good, it was definitely a disappointment. Next out came the California Roll, and still, our guest with us didn't have her food. Finally, the Sweet and Sour Chicken came out, and at that point, the hibachi dinner was getting cold. At least now we could all eat together.

Service was pretty sparse, even though the place wasn't busy at all, and we had a lot of empty glasses. We've ordered delivery from them a few times since our previous visit and haven't had any issues, but this time dining in, we just didn't have a good overall experience.

---Previous Review-------------------------------------------------------------
We were so disappointed when we realized one of our local favorites Sensasian, was replaced by what is now KK Asian Fusion, but we had to check it out to see if it matched its predecessor. We are so glad we did!

Tucked away in the corner of a drab looking strip mall in Levittown is KK Asian Fusion. While you wouldn't expect much from the exterior, you'll be surprised once you walk in. The restaurant looks almost exactly the same as when it was under previous ownership, only the tables were turned to face the opposite way. The tall entry doors, a sleek look and dim lighting with neon accents throughout make it feel like a posh Manhattan eatery.

It was rather empty so we were immediately seated and got set up with a high chair and drinks. However, soon after arriving the fire alarm began to sound and kept ringing for what seemed like 10 minutes. Mike had to take our toddler outside because she was frightened while I stayed inside with the little one. When the alarm finally stopped, a few minutes later our server brought us an appetizer of Crab Tempura. The presentation was fantastic with a taste to match. Not sure if it was to make up for the uncomfortably loud alarm blaring or if it is standard, but it was complimentary.

Also with the new name, came a new promotion allowing you to receive a free appetizer by checking into the restaurant on Facebook for the first time so for that, we chose the Boneless Spare Ribs. We didn't notice a kids section on the menu so we asked if they had a small order of fried rice for the kids. The waitress said they only had larger portions but since we were seated right next to the sushi bar and the chef overheard us asking, he said he could make it for us no problem.

For our meal, Mike ordered the Chicken Teriyaki and I got a California Roll and Field Greens Salad with Ginger Dressing--kept it simple. All of the food was terrific. I wanted to drink the leftover ginger dressing from the salad but restrained myself, and you can't really go wrong with a california roll. Before I could even try a piece of Mike's chicken teriyaki, it was gone! And since the kids weren't eating a ton, I made sure to sneak in a few spoonfuls of fried rice onto my plate. Next time, we'll have to be a bit more adventurous with our food choices though!

What I love the most about KK Asian fusion is that the presentation kicks it up a notch while the outstanding service and decor makes you think twice about having to spend big bucks in order to have a great night out. It's all in the value and at this restaurant, you can't beat it. There's food for everyone who has a particular Asian favorite whether it be Japanese, Chinese or Thai, and for a great price.

Be sure to check out their website to make reservations, see the menu, order online for pickup, delivery (free within 5 mile radius) or for express dine-in. All around, KK Asian Fusion is a great place to try!

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