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Prime Restaurant - Huntington

Prime Restaurant
117 New York Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743

beautiful dining room
Photo Courtesy of Prime
beef wellington
Photo Courtesy of Prime

scottish salmon, dates, almonds, arugala, raw onion

Overall: 8/10
Food: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Decor: 10/10
Value: 7/10

We've been wanting to go to Prime for awhile now, as we've heard it's one of the best restaurants on Long Island. We tried to make reservations in the past when the kids were younger, but we would need a high chair which they don't have. It's not exactly recommended for young families, but we thought we'd try it anyway.

We made reservations for 7:30 on a Saturday evening, expecting it to be busy, and it was. Glad they have free valet, it makes things so much easier! I told the hostess we were there, and was told that the party at our table was paying their check, she took my cell number and said they would call us when they were ready. It was 8pm when we were seated, which was a bit annoying considering we had reservations, but it's not like they're going to rush people to get up and leave so I guess I can understand. We got to take in the decor, which truly makes the place. It is upscale and modern. There are several dining rooms and apparently one of them has a large glass enclosed wine room that we didn't see but you can see the photos online. The restrooms are even beautiful, adjacent to the main dining room that is lined with a frosted glass block wall.

We were seated at a corner table at what would be outdoor seating during the warmer months. It was enclosed and despite the cold temperatures outside, we were comfortable. It was a little loud with how crowded it was but that's a good thing when you have kids. Bread was brought to the table and our waiter welcomed us and took our drink orders. We wanted to try the Sangria, and were told it would be out right away. We looked over the menu, which isn't that large, but there's definitely something for everyone.

We decided on the Beef Wellington which is a filet mignon with mushroom duxelles, bordelaise, brie fondue and puff pastry, and the Scottish Salmon with a creamy butternut squash and mushroom quinoa, dates, almonds and arugula. The wellington does not come with any sides, so we opted for the Steamed Asparagus. For the kids, we ordered two side dishes--mac n'cheese and french fries.  Since our waiter knew we wanted the mac for the kids, he said he would have the kitchen separate it onto two plates rather than serve it in the hot skillet as usual.

We could see the outdoor area from where we were seated, so we were just taking it in and chatting, and still waited for the Sangria. Our waters were refilled and the waiter said he would check on what was taking so long.

Our entrees came, and then quickly after, so did the sangria. The waiter apologized and said that they actually ran out and had to make another batch. He asked if everything was okay so far and we were missing the fries, so he made sure they were brought out a few minutes later.

The Wellington looked pretty small, sitting in the center of the sauces, and we don't know what size it was since the menu doesn't say how many ounces. The Scottish Salmon looked great, and it was also topped with raw onions which I didn't expect. I happen to love onions and thought it brought a nice fresh spin to the dish along with the arugula. Taking a bite with everything on it, especially the caramelized sliced dates, was a refreshing combination of flavors. The soft and earthy quinoa was a perfect accompaniment for the salmon, and I would definitely order it again. The side of asparagus was enough for 3 to 4 people, but there was nothing special to it since it was just steamed, no seasonings or anything. We much prefer roasted asparagus.

We had to cut our dinner short because one of the kids was saying they didn't feel well. Even though it seemed like the waiter thought something was wrong perhaps with the meal or something, it was no reflection on them at all. The bus boy packed up our food which was the kids mac n cheese, fries, and the asparagus. It took a little while to pay the check, but when we got it, our waiter told us he took the sangria off and apologized again for it taking so long. We hardly had a chance to even drink it, but it was very good. Once we were done paying, we quickly went outside to take a look at the setting.

Situated on Huntington Harbor, you can see all the beautiful homes and boats in the distance. There were a few separate outdoor areas, two bars, and it looks like a gorgeous place for summer dining.

The whole time we were there, service was good. We had two people from management come over to see how we were, one wanted to make sure we weren't cold. The bus people were great, in fact they brought out most of the dishes and refilled water. The prices are definitely up there, but the decor and environment makes it worth the trip.

We are looking forward to returning, without the kids, and will go during the day or just before sunset to really be able to enjoy the views.

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