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Barefoot Peddler - Greenvale

Barefoot Peddler
37 Glen Cove Rd
Greenvale, NY 11548

Photo: Heather Walsh

Overall: 7/10
Food: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Decor: 7/10
Value: 7/10

When we first arrived, the small parking lot was almost impossible to park in and we lucked out with the last spot, pretty much in a ditch. The lot is all chopped up with huge pot holes so perhaps it's better to park elsewhere. As we walked in, the bar was to the left, and dining room to the right. They decorated for Easter like a grandma would decorate their house with bunnies, flowers, and pastels. It felt homey and perhaps a little tacky, but it wasn't necessarily a bad thing!

Barefoot Peddler is both a pub and a full service restaurant, which is great because that means they are family friendly since the two areas are separate from each other. The atmosphere is fun, casual and laid back. The booths on the left of the dining room are as if you're sitting in large whiskey barrels, very different. Book wallpaper and various photos hanging on the walls adds to its overall fun vibe, like the photo of Einstein smoking a pipe at our table.

After we were first seated, we did wait a little longer than usual for someone to come over and greet us, so by that time, we were ready to order everything at once. We got the Spinach and Artichoke Dip served with tortilla chips and grilled pita, a Kid's Chicken Fingers, Southwest Burger with fries, and the Steak Tidbits Sandwich topped with mozzarella on garlic bread with a side of onion rings ($1 extra).

The Spinach Artichoke dip was served in a small crock pot with lots of chips and pita. The pita was a nice change to how most places serve the dip, and we actually preferred the pita over the chips. Only thing it was missing was some sort of cheesy top, but it was still great.

The rest of the food was equally good especially for bar food. The Steak Tidbits Sandwich had great flavor and the meat was cooked perfectly medium. I had some leftover to take home and it tasted even better the next day. The onion rings were also very good, nice and crispy. The sandwich was served with a tangy BBQ sauce on the side, the same that was on the southwest burger. As for the burger, although it was cooked over medium, it was still juicy and delicious. My only wish is that the bacon was cooked a little longer. I brought half the burger home so I threw it all in the oven and crisped up the bacon before putting it on the burger and it was perfect. The chicken fingers were also surprisingly better than most, as well as the fries.

The kids food came with ice cream which was a little cup like you'd get from an ice cream truck, and we opted for the Tartufo which had a raspberry center as opposed to cherry, and it was delicious.

We got the check, paid with a debit card and when we got the receipt back, we saw it said Tips are Cash Only where a tip would generally be written in. Had we known that, we would've brought cash. It was actually kind of irritating, because I had to use the ATM in the back that charged me $2.95 plus my own bank's fee of $2, just so I could tip the guy. What happens if someone is running a tab at the bar using their credit card, they won't be able to tip on it? My guess is the staff gets stiffed a lot.

Overall, the food was good, and service was okay, with glasses being empty a few times. A bit slow for not being busy at all. The tip thing and the parking lot are enough to make us not go back, but it does seem like a cool place to hang out.

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