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Daniel Carmody's Restaurant and Public House - Rocky Point

Daniel Carmody's Restaurant and Public House
42 Broadway
Rocky Point, NY 11778

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Photo courtesy of Daniel Carmody's on Facebook

Photo courtesy of Daniel Carmody's on Facebook


Enjoying the television!

We heard about Daniel Carmody's on the radio (1 1/4lb lobster special for $11.99) and decided to check out their website. Once we saw that they really cater to children and families, we knew we needed to check it out for ourselves!

When we arrived for lunch, we saw how the bar and dining room are very separate. The bar is rather large and on the left with the middle of the room having high top tables. There is a dining room with a fireplace to the back, and a separate dining room to the right. We were sat at a table perfect for a family with kids--it has a TV with a built in DVD player (There's only 1 table with a TV). There's also another TV with a Wii hooked up to it. The waitress immediately brought over some popcorn and took our drink order.

We ordered the Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Lobster Bisque, Buffalo Soldier sandwich, Herbaburger (pineapple and sweet barbecue sauce) and children's Chicken Quesadilla. The soup came out first, followed by the spinach dip. The bisque was just okay and really watery, unlike most lobster bisques we've had.

I scooped up some of the spinach dip and was chewing when I realized something was really hard! I put my bite of food into a napkin and picked through it to find what on earth was in it. To my surprise, I found what appeared to be two small pieces of glass. We sent the dip back and went back and forth on whether we would cancel the rest of our order or not--I was afraid to eat!

We decided to cancel our food and let the waitress know. She obviously wanted to know why, so we showed her the plate with the pieces on it. She was mortified! After many apologies, she took down my name and number and said she would let the owner know and have him call me later. We picked up our stuff and headed out.

An hour or so later, the owner Dan called me but I missed it so he left a voicemail. He sounded extremely concerned and apologetic. He let me know it wasn't glass, but plastic from the containers they had in the kitchen. He let me know that they were replacing the few remaining plastic ones with stainless steel and that he would give us a tour of the kitchen if we wanted.

I called him back and when we spoke, he made it a point to tell me how he wanted to rectify the situation and have us back at his restaurant. We made the plan to return and did this past Wednesday for lunch. We met him and he was a very pleasant man! We spoke about his restaurant and how his inspiration for being kid/family oriented is his own family. He insisted on showing us the containers and how the plastic ended up in the food and how he now has stainless steel ones. Just as he said, he does run a clean kitchen--it was just one unfortunate and isolated incident and the proper precautions have been made!

We went back to the table and took a look at the menu. We were thinking about ordering other things but decided to repeat our attempted meal from the first time, minus the appetizers. Buffalo Soldier sandwich (with crinkle fries), Herbaburger (with sweet potato fries) and kid's Chicken Quesadilla. One difference was also that no one brought over popcorn! The last time, the kids went crazy when they saw it but it was fine that we didn't have it on the table. I'm sure if we had it the kids would have filled up on popcorn instead of eating their meal.

When we got our food, we were shocked at the portion sizes! The Buffalo Soldier sandwich was the size of nearly two sandwiches and the side of fries was plentiful. As for the sandwich itself, it wasn't bad but wasn't anything special either--we eat a lot of buffalo chicken sandwiches so we have many to compare it to! The impressive part really is the size and the price. The fries were of the frozen kind but nonetheless, crispy and delicious! They also came on the side of the quesadilla.

The Herbaburger had a ring of grilled pineapple, melted cheese, BBQ sauce on the bottom and came with lettuce, onion and tomato. The flavor was great even though the burger was cooked well done instead of medium. It was still juicy which is all I really care about in a burger. On the side was a large pickle and delicious, crispy sweet potato fries. The fries were salted and there was a wonderful maple dipping sauce and the combining flavors of salty and sweet made it such a special treat--something so simple, but so good!

The kid's Chicken Quesadilla was huge. Really, I'd think it to be an adult's portion. Since they knew we were splitting one meal between the two kids, the kitchen put it on two separate plates for us which was very helpful! One of our kids ate like there was no tomorrow while the other was so distracted by the Shrek DVD that I think she had only one or two bites of fries. If you do order the quesadilla, just keep in mind that the salsa is very spicy. I love spicy food but for a kid, its alarmingly hot! What I loved the most was that the kids were the quietest they have ever been at a restaurant thanks to the movie!

We didn't get dessert since we would be eating out with friends later in the evening, and we got the kids' food and half the Buffalo Soldier sandwich to go.

Before we left, I checked out the bathroom and it is pretty nice, large and clean, which brings me to the decor. Its simple, woodwork in the bar area. The dining room we sat in had historic photos like the assembly of the Statue of Liberty in Paris. I enjoyed looking around the room at the different photographs.

Service was great both times, and the steps the owner took to make things right with us after the little incident show that he really cares about his restaurant and the well being of his customers. Before we left, we spoke again and he told us that his patio is now open and he's looking to bring more events into the place--he has a live band some nights and wants to maybe bring in a live band with karaoke.

Since we parked right out front because we didn't see a parking lot, he told us the lot is behind the restaurant. The street next to Broadway is Eagle Rd, which is where the lot is. That way, you can walk through the patio and through the back entrance.

The most impressive thing at Daniel Carmody's is the price. They are very affordably priced, cheap even, and that's if the portions were normal size. The fact that the prices are what they are with such large portions means you are getting a lot for your money! The food we had was pretty average but with the price and for the amount you get, it is great! They have sandwich/wrap/burger lunch specials with a beer for $6.99, the lobster special for $11.99, and other day of the week specials that can't be beat.

We look forward to trying out one of his other restaurants at the Bellport Country Club!

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