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On The Waterfront - Patchogue

On The Waterfront
82 Brightwood Street

Patchogue, NY 11772

(631) 654-2233

Courtesy of Doug on Urbanspoon

Overall: 9/10
Food: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Decor: 5/10
Value: 10/10
After our wonderful experience at On The Waterfront, we could not stop raving about this place to our friends and family. We've gone back several times but we finally decided to take a group there to give it our true test--many times we go alone to a place and think its great only to find they cannot keep up with a larger party by any means. This restaurant made us look like we knew what we were talking about! 


With a group of 7 plus a baby, almost everyone ordered something different. Between all of us, some of the notable dishes were the coconut crusted shrimp (which replaced the seasonal coconut crusted mahi fingers and were just as great), waterfront chowder, the lobster special, seafood combo, shrimp scampi over angel hair and flounder francaise (a special that night). I can't forget to mention the garlic bread that comes out before the meal either--we just kept ordering more! The crusty italian bread is sliced but not all the way through, and baked in the oven with a garlic herb butter between each slice. Delicious!


Service was great, as usual. The chef came out to greet our table and see how we were enjoying our meals--something he does every single time that shows his level of professionalism and passion.


One member of our party gave his input to us and said just this: "There are places you go to dine, and then there are places you go to EAT. This is a place you come to eat." Although that is just one person's perspective, probably based on appearances or the fact that this is not a fine dining restaurant, but we slightly disagree with his statement. You are always taken care of, constantly checked on by the staff, even the chef himself and you get to eat some of the highest quality prepared seafood and fine dining-level dishes.


Whenever we are in the mood for great seafood, this is at the top of our list!
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On The Waterfront restaurant in Patchogue, NY is one of those places that you just can't judge a book by it's cover. Once you drive through the residential streets and come to this old looking restaurant, you question if you've made the right choice. The same happens when you walk in but you decide to give it a try. Once you meet the staff and see the menu, your opinion changes entirely. That's what happened to us. 

When we pulled into the small parking lot we weren't sure if we were going to stay or go somewhere else for dinner. As we walked to the entrance, we saw who we thought was a customer outside--he greeted us, walked us in and sat us down which we were not expecting. We went over the menu and our mouths were watering. We ordered the coconut crusted mahi fingers served with a corn salsa and duck sauce that was out of this world. We also ordered a burger which was cooked to a perfect medium and probably one of the best burgers we had, as well as the seafood combo which had broiled scallops, baked clams, shrimp and flounder in a lemon white wine sauce. The scallops just melted in the mouth, they were like butter! The shrimp and flounder were perfectly cooked and the baked clams were great, with a real homemade taste. Every single thing we ordered was cooked perfectly which is pretty rare. The standard of food is something you would expect at a much fancier restaurant with higher prices. The fact that you can get such great quality at great prices makes this place a rare find.

Service was exceptional. We were constantly checked up on, our glasses were never empty, and they were more than accommodating for our 9 month old daughter. Although the decor is virtually non existent, the dark walls and carpet leave an almost grungy feel and it's obvious by its uneven floors that this place needs a little updating. However, the food and service more than make up for the dingy appearance. We will most definitely be back.

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