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Yevma - East Meadow

2065 Hempstead Turnpike
East Meadow, NY 11554

Photo: Yevma on Facebook

Overall: 7/10
Food: 6/10
Service: 8/10
Decor: 7/10
Value: 8/10

We've been on a Greek food kick lately, so we decided to try a new place that just opened, Yevma. According to other reviews, it is authentic Greek food, like what you would find in Astoria. We didn't get a chance to stop in so we ordered delivery. The person on the phone was helpful, but a little slow perhaps because everything is so new to them.

I asked about the Gyros because the menu says 2, as if you're getting two sandwiches and sure enough, the man on the phone confirmed that you do get two small gyros instead of one. We opted for the lamb gyro, and since it comes with two I asked for one with no onions and one with no tomatoes. He had to repeat it to the kitchen a few times that it was just one order, but differences between the sandwiches in the same order.

We also ordered the Spanakopita, and a Greek Salad, we kept it simple. I was able to pay with my card over the phone and was told it would be about 25 to 30 minutes. Before we knew it, the food was there, under 20 minutes.

The Gyros were actually bigger than I was expecting. There was plenty of meat, and they had a few french fries in the sandwich along with tzatziki sauce spread right on the pita. They were simple and delicious.

We split the Greek Salad which was rather large in a plastic container like something you'd get from the deli. I don't know if it was sitting all day, but there was a lot of water at the bottom of the container, so the vinaigrette was watered down and the lettuce on the bottom was getting soggy. It wasn't necessarily bad, but it could've been better in comparison to the other Greek places around.

The Spanakopita was okay, but lacked the phyllo bottom that I love. Not my favorite in terms of taste but not bad. I think growing up with a yaya who made Spanakopita all the time makes it hard for me to truly love anyone else's!

I can't say we will order delivery from there again, considering how much we love the food at Souvlaki Stop in Levittown, but for a nice sit-down meal I would give it another try.

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