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Sweet Surrender Bake House - Levittown

Sweet Surrender Bake House
297 Wantagh Avenue
Levittown, NY 11756
Sweet Surrender on Facebook

Credit: Sweet Surrender on Facebook

New display cases

Crannoli = cross between croissant, donut and cannoli

Crannoli close up

spongebob cake sweet surrender levittown

Amazing birthday cake by Tanya!
Sweet surrender levittown mikey biggest fan

And a happy little boy who can't get enough!

If you're from the Levittown area like me you probably did a double take when the iconic blue New Levittown Park Bake Shop sign was replaced with a new maroon look and renamed Sweet Surrender Bake House.

Cousins Helen and Tanya purchased the established bakery in September 2012. After nearly a year, the bakery received it's facelift, with a complete interior overhaul to match. The beautiful drop down swirl ceiling ties in the color of the exterior, along with neutral tile plank flooring, and new display cases to liven up the place to a state it hasn't been in many years. It might take some getting used to, but it is a breath of fresh air!

We were invited to go check out their newest creation, the Crannoli, which is a cross between a croissant, donut and cannoli. Think of it as a cronut that's injected with cannoli cream, rolled in sugar, and topped with chocolate glaze and crushed cannoli shells. It is really something else. You get all the flavors you'd expect of a chocolate glazed donut and a cannoli in one bite. The crushed cannoli shells complete it by adding crunch and the all so familiar cannoli flavor. If you're really hungry, you might be able to eat the whole thing but I think it's probably easier to share. Unless you don't want to share, in which case I don't blame you! I truly don't think there's anything else like it, and others agree. Just check out their Facebook page to see for yourself!

We had a chance to talk to Helen and Tanya about the area, the bakery and the transition from old to new. They kept all of the longstanding recipes of the old bakery, but are adding little bit of flair with new ones, the Crannoli being a perfect example. We bought a box of pastries to bring home and they were just delicious! We talked with Tanya, the baker, about doing a Spongebob birthday cake for our sons 2nd birthday, and she had an excitement about her that clearly shows how much they love what they do. Together with their wonderful staff, amazing recipes and new look, this bakery has all the makings of remaining a part of the Levittown community.

We can't wait to return and taste many more of their delectable creations. If you're in the Levittown area, Sweet Surrender Bake House can't be missed!


As you can see by the photos, Sweet Surrender Bake House made the cake for our son's 2nd birthday. It was such a breeze communicating with them over e-mails back and forth, figuring out the size, design, flavors, etc. We had a last minute increase in guests so two days before pickup I was asking them to make changes, which worked out fine. When we came to pick the cake up, the kids were so excited they didn't want us to put it away! The SpongeBob design was spot on with what we sent Tanya as a guide for the cake. Everything except for the figurines were edible, which have now been added to the kids' collection of toys. For the cake we chose yellow cake with chocolate buttercream filling, pretty classic I'd think, usually a safe bet for a birthday party, and it was perfect! The cake was moist, buttercream was so creamy and decadent, even the outer icing that can sometimes have that chemically taste from food colorings was so delicious, I caught a few people scoop it up off the platter or put some extra that fell off onto their plates.

We needed a cake for 30 people and I'd say we got that and more! Of course we had the usual few people who skipped on cake but there was plenty left over. Perhaps we were skimping the kids but that cake ended up being our guilty pleasure for the next few days!

We could not have been more happy with how it all turned out!

Sweet Surrender Bake House on Urbanspoon

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