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We are the #1 review blog on Urbanspoon.com!

Our mission with this site is to share our reviews on nearly every single restaurant we go to. Whether we visit a restaurant or not is greatly influenced on the reviews it gets online. However, sometimes you read rave reviews and the place is absolutely terrible, or vice-versa--every review is just okay and you have a great experience.

Unfortunately, we have found that certain review websites "filter" their reviews. Both of us have even had a few of our reviews filtered when we were nothing but honest and respectful. These filtered reviews do not show up on the restaurant's page and do not affect the rating that is displayed, diminishing the integrity of these review websites. You actually have to search for the filtered reviews and sometimes find a lot of interesting things once you find them!

You will find with many of our reviews that we bring our children. Luckily we can do that since they are so well behaved! We love finding family-friendly restaurants, especially those that are very accommodating to young children. If you know of a great restaurant we should try, let us know!

How We Rate:
We provide ratings based on the the average of four criteria: food, service, decor and value. Each separate factor is rated on a scale of 10. The average of the four criteria is seen in the overall rating. Convert the rating to a "stars" basis (up to 5 stars) by dividing the rating in half.

What it means:
Overall: Average of the below four ratings. If we think it's worth it, we round up.
Food: Taste, presentation, portion size, cooking style.
Service: Host and waitstaff attentiveness, helpfulness, wait time, etc.
Decor: Decoration, scenery, finishes, etc. and how it adds to the overall vibe.
Value: Is the food, service and experience worth the price paid?

We have never received any form of compensation by any restaurant that we've eaten at. Our opinions are that of our own. Ads on our site may or may not be paid advertisement, but should be assumed paid. Clicking on these advertisements helps keep the site going and is much appreciated!